Friday, November 26, 2004

Minutes from Blackboard Administrator WebConference, November 18, 2004

Blackboard Administrator WebConference, November 18, 2004

The following people attended: Blair Potts, Adam Bryant, Amy Abbott, Inez Farrell, Ginny Scott, Jaime Shetrone, Jennifer Smith, Jim Blackburn, Kristen Kelly, Kristy Walker, Leslie Smith, Malcolm White, Mark Nelson, Mary Clare DiGiacomo, Matt Lawson, Michelle Gee, Ruth Smith, Sadie Hastings, Shelia Hobbs, Stacey Harris, Sue Ann Curran

DDLC Update : Mary Clare DiGiacomo reported.
WebConferencing: The DDLC looked at 4 systems. It was decided that no recommendation could be made at this time. Inez Farrell reported on the sub-committee she is chairing to pilot use of this technology. She asked that all colleges submit a survey she has posted (http: -I've already completed the survey for TNCC) by November 30 as a first step.

Content Management System: It was recommended by the DDLC that the Blackboard Content Management System be included in the Academic Suite to be purchased by the VCCS. The Learning Object Repository project is separate and may use a different system or may use Bb.

Bb6 Migration: The DDLC recommended that any steering/coordinating/executive committee formed for the migration have a majority of Bb Admins to be appointed by the Bb agent group. The DDLC also recommended that this group be formed as quickly as possible. It has been stated that money is available for training. There was discussion with Toni Cleveland about funding for Admins to attend the Bb conference in the spring. The Admin agents will follow up with necessary information.

LSA Agent Replacement:
Daniel Curnutte has left the VCCS. Mary Clare DiGiacomo was accepted by acclamation to succeed him on the agent group.

E-mail Update:
Matt Lawson has been very cooperative in posting e-mail related warnings and information on the Bb login page. Our request for some way to get these on the e-mail log-in page has not yet been answered, so we will keep trying.
Mark Nelson will act as point-man for the Bb Admins on e-mail issues. He will make sure we are able to be helpful as the System chooses and implements a new e-mail system.

Building Block Update:
Jennifer Smith is coordinating the identification and description of Building Blocks we may want for Bb6. She will also find out what colleges are using. We hope to avoid conflict and duplication between colleges and between colleges and the SO.

Viewlet Collection:
Ruth Smith will coordinate the collection and assessment of viewlets (short multimedia tutorial pieces) for Bb6 to share with the other Admins as a resource for the migration and training.

Future Meeting Schedule:
The Bb Admins will meet on Monday, December 13 in Lynchburg. The morning will consist of presentations/training and the afternoon will feature a Bb Admin meeting. The proceedings will be broadcast via webconference.

Sample Training Piece:
Inez Farrell presented a short piece created with Captivate to demonstrate the potential for us to create many of our training assets.

Migration Plan: Matt Lawson presented.
Matt discussed the draft plan that has been posted.

The executive or oversight committee is in discussion by ITS management. Final disposition is expected in the near future.

ITS recognizes the need to get the migration process planned.

When the hardware schedule is finalized, the training process can be scheduled. In the meantime, the Bb Admins will continue the process of coordinating the identification of training needs and initial production of needed assets.

The issue of what functionality will be turned on in Bb6 was addressed. The agents will select a group of admins to work with Matt on identifying what is available and making recommendations as to what is to be used. The agents will ask AS&R to make a liason available so that academic input is given in this vital area. Constant reports are to be made in VCCS Discuss. The Admins should expect to make final recommendations on this December 13.

The draft migration schedule calls for a two phase migration. Admins were asked to get word as quickly as possible on what group their college will go in, first or second. Matt has posted a survey to aid in this at (http:/-I've already completed the survey for TNCC)

Sue Ann Curran will analyze data from PSoft in order to identify support issues that might arise for students enrolled in more than one college during the migration. SVCC has studied this some, and will make its data available to her. It was pointed out that some colleges have arrangements that make it necessary for them to be in the same group as other colleges. Matt has made provision on his survey for gathering that information.

The idea of the entire system migrating at once came up. The group will wait for Matt’s professional opinion on the technical issues surrounding that before even discussing it further.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Web Services

All Web Services have been restored to faculty.