Monday, January 24, 2005

New program bundle ready for checkout from library. I have 50 copies. If you want one you must email me so I can put you on the checkout list. (We also have 40 more Acrobat 6 licenses. Please send separate request)

  • Camtasia Studio

    A complete solution for quickly creating professional-looking videos of your PC desktop activity. Anyone can Record and create a full-motion video tutorial or presentation, in real-time, and publish it in the format of their choice. No multimedia or programming experience necessary!
  • Snag-It

    Capture screen images, text and printer output from your Windows PC with SnagIt’s award winning interface, then quickly enhance with the in-line editor. Supercharge your Print Screen key with SnagIt Screen Capture.

More Info:

NOTE: A new upgrade for Snag-It (since we purchased it) is available. After you check out the bundle from the library:

SnagIt Multi-User Download Instructions:
Important instructions on how to complete the licensing process.

If you have not already installed the software, please visit and select the download option for "Multi User Version". Follow the step-by-step instructions and you will be prompted for the key.

SnagIt License Key : The key will be emailed to you when you are put on the checkout list.


To license the download:

  1. Start SnagIt.
  2. Select the Help menu.
  3. Select Enter Software Key
  4. Enter your software key, as shown above, in the field provided or copy and paste from this email.
  5. Press OK. Your software is now ready to use! All the reminder to purchase screens and software expiration dates will be removed.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Bb5 Migration (copy) DEADLINE 1/24/05

Dear Blackboard Faculty,

The Blackboard transition from Blackboard v5.5 to Blackboard v6 is at hand. Copying of courses from the v5.5 server to the v6 server is planned for February 2005. You must let Ruth Smith know whether you want your current Blackboard courses copied onto the new Blackboard v6 server ASAP. You’ll see no change in your v5.5 Bb account or classes they will just be copied to the new server.

The actual conversion will take place – v6 will go live-- this Summer (2005) --- all Blackboard courses for Summer 2005 and forward will be in the new Blackboard v6.

NOTE: You must let Ruth Smith know which courses you want to move by January 24, 2005. Because of the VCCS system deadline we cannot make exceptions. If you miss the deadline, you will have to start over with new course containers in Bb v6. The Bb v5.5 server and anything left on it will be irretrievable once they “pull the plug”!

Let Ruth know about any previous course(s) that you want moved, i.e., any courses you've built in Blackboard prior to (and including) Spring 2005. You can decide to move old courses into the new version, or build courses from scratch in the new version, or any combination of these two activities (please keep reading for advice on which to do)!

You will need to complete the Migration Resources Request Form to submit the course IDs for the courses you would like moved.

You must complete the form for each course you want moved. The form is located at this link:

The VCCS is using the term “migrate” this means MOVE!

You should archive all of your courses by the end of Spring 05. Remember that you need to archive course content separately from your course grades (i.e., these are two different processes).

Directions for archiving courses are at this link:

Once the course move is completed, Ruth will let you know when you can begin using the regular Request From process for SU05.

How do you decide whether to move old Bb courses or build new courses in Bb v6?

Reasons you might want to move old Bb courses:
  • If you have considerable customized content and/or a complex course
    instance that you need to re-create in the new version, then you should
    probably move.
  • If you use a publisher's course cartridge (non-copy-protected), and
    have made significant modifications that you would like to keep, then
    you should probably move.
  • If you don't mind trying to figure out which "bugs" are from the
    older version, and/or which ones were introduced as a result of the
    migration (moving courses).

Reasons you might want to start from scratch:
  • If you have a fairly simple Blackboard course, and are just interested in starting from scratch in the new version.
  • If you use a publisher's course cartridge that is copy-protected, you will need to start from scratch with a new cartridge in v6.
  • If you want to explore how new version 6 features work (without trying to fix migration problems carried over from the older version), then starting from scratch will help insure "clean" course containers.

Since Bb 5.5 and Bb 6 will be running in tandem for a short period of time, you will need to keep track of which of your courses are on the old Bb version/server, and which ones are on the new Bb version/server. This just means that you will need to be especially careful about updating things in the right place this Spring. You will be given the Bb 6 URL in late February so you can check to see if your courses were moved successfully.

Additional information and faculty training tutorials about the Bb version 6 are available at:

Additional training opportunities will be available to faculty during Spring 2005. Watch for the announcements.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Thanks!

Michael H. Bruno
Dean, Instructional Services / Historic Triangle
757-253-4300 (Voice)

Ruth K. Smith
Instructional Technology Designer
Learning Management System Administrator
757-825-2807 (Voice)
757-479-3378 (Home)

Monday, January 03, 2005

Impatica v.3.3.2 now available

An updated version of Impatica has been released (3.3.2). The major new features in this version are a Blackberry-compatible export option and improved control over audio compression:

The installation process is unchanged. License information and the updated manual can be found in the Blackboard VCCS Faculty Help organization.