Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Software for TNCC Faculty& Adjunct Faculty

TNCC now has a site license for Turnitin. Note: We only purchased the Plagiarism Prevention Package (web based version). We have a one year license. We will be able to obtain a usage report and will be asking for feedback from faculty users prior to the renewal period to determine if we want to continue using this product.

What is Turnitin?
Plagiarism Prevention: Turnitin is recognized worldwide as the standard in Plagiarism Prevention. Turnitin instantly identifies papers containing unoriginal material and acts as a powerful deterrent to stop student plagiarism before it starts.

Alright, I want it… what do I do?

  • Send an email
  • Include in the email your MyTNCC login (the one you use to get access to SIS and Blackboard – not your TNCC email). Do not send your password!
  • You will be sent directions to the online TNCC Turnitin Workshop (complete the workshop at your own pace).
  • After successfully completing the workshop you will receive the Account ID and Join Password
  • Begin using Turnitin
  • Participate in feedback surveys