Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Security Status Bar in IE 7

Security Status Bar in IE 7

I just upgraded to Internet Explorer 7. One of the websites that I must visit (WebMail @TNCC) now displays the message, "There is a problem with this website's security certificate.” I also see a red X in the address bar, indicating a certificate error.

What is it and what do I do?

What is it?
It is a new feature in IE 7 and is also included in the new Windows Vista operating system. It is there to enhance awareness of website security and privacy settings by displaying color-coded notifications next to the address bar. Internet Explorer 7 changes the Address Bar to green for websites bearing new High Assurance certificates, indicating the site owner has completed extensive identity verification checks. The address bar changes to pink if it can not verify the security of the website.

What do I do?
In the case of the WebMail @TNCC you would click Continue to this Website (not recommended). If you receive these warning messages while browsing to other secure websites (website that begin with https) you have to determine if you can trust the website.

Thomas Nelson Community College is working to obtain and issue the new High Assurance certificates.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Software available for Checkout (TNCC employees only)

TNCC now has a site license for OpenMind 2. It can be checked out of the library by any faculty/staff/admin./adjunct faculty. There are only 10 circulating copies you may want to call the library before you go to check it out to be sure a copy is available.

What is OpenMind 2?
Easy to learn and easy to use, OpenMind is a highly effective way of brainstorming ideas visually, structuring them, developing them and increasing the comprehension of complex concepts. Ideal for use by individuals, small teams or large groups, OpenMind generates illustrated Mind Maps® which you can view in different ways (flowchart, outline, timeline and others) and use in presentations, study guides, web sites and more. Integrating seamlessly with Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® PowerPoint, HTML and Mediator, OpenMind is a flexible and versatile concept development tool.

OpenMind is particularly suited for:
Visual outlining of written documents
Storyboarding and creating websites or presentations
Creating timelines

Perfect for:
Brainstorming and visualizing ideas
Organizing and outlining ideas
Storyboarding and creating presentations
Improving memory and concentration
Simplifying decision-making
Critical thinking
Note taking

Export to:
HTML (Includes Wizard)
Mediator (Includes Wizard)
Word / RTF (Includes templates)
PowerPoint (Includes templates)
Timeline (HTML)

Import from:
Microsoft® Word
Microsoft® PowerPoint